Green Technologies

Energy saving lighting systems utilising LED technology.
image RND Solutions has been working with manufacturers of Green Technologies since 2006. In particular we have invested a significant amount of effort gaining qualified knowledge in this field, this knowledge puts RND Solutions in a good postion to recommend LED products & systems to our clients.

In the early days, LED’s were expensive when compared to conventional lighting, and with a lot of untrustworthy manufacturers the technology was difficult to accept.
After fourteen years, of design and supply, RND Solutions is sure that LED’s are now accepted as the norm for new installations and for our clients who strive to save on energy and maintenance costs of their existing systems.

What are the advantages of LED’s?

  • Long life. The components of an LED and the way that they generate light significantly extend the lifespan of these bulbs

  • High brightness and intensity

  • Low radiated heat
LED technology also provides many additional advantages over incandescent, fluorescents, and compact fluorescent lamps and lighting devices. This includes an exceptionally longer lifespan (50,000 hours), significantly lower energy consumption (90% more efficient), reduced maintenance costs and higher safety.

RND Solutions has provided LED Systems to Offices, Homes & Entertainment Venues. You can view one of our successful projects, completed with our sister company Bright Lights Trading LLC, in the Middle East at Muscat Hills Resort in The Sultanate of Oman on the following link:- Muscat Hills Resort

We have also worked with our partners to provide solutions that deliver 100 to 0% Dimming of LED’s; which until recent times has proved to be difficult to achieve.